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When does alcohol become a problem?

Many people drink more during the big holidays and summer. The warm weather, time off from work and no direct commitments and obligations. It can easily turn out to be a few beers a day when mowing the lawn or building the terrace or many barbecues with friends. Sometimes it can happen that the person drinks every day during the holiday.

When does this create a problem?

Often the situation gets adressed by loved ones who begin to suggest that there is too much drinking. Or the person himself discovers that what was planned does not happen, because the car cannot be used because the person has been drinking.

One thing you can tell right away that it has gone too far, is if a person gets in the car to go a short distance to the store or somewhere else when the person has been drinking. This shows that his judgment has disappeared.

Other signs:

  • If the person starts drinking right away in the morning, or create upsets at parties and starts fighting, when others drink one beer and the person has already finished three (ie, the person drinks more than others).

  • That you drink something before you go out for a dinner, so that it doesn't look strange that you drink too much. Starts to hide the drinking. Hiding bottles, poring up vine in soda bottles........

  • That the person ends up in conflict with family members because the person has been drinking to much. Violence in close relationships due to alcohol.

  • That the person makes excuses to drink: "I have a beer or a drink so I can mow the lawn because it's boring." Finds lots of reasons why you should have a beer or drink

More and more, The focus what the person needs to do diminish. And the persons focus is directed towards drinking.

How can the person find out if it has become too much?

Starting to think and look at this is the first step. We can help the person by looking at the situation and see what might be the right action to take.

You can call us anonymously and we have confidentiality.

Phone 0046 731-533156


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