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To let go of control as a relative of someone with an addiction.

To let go of control as a relative of someone with an addiction.

The relative is often driven by fear that something serious will happen if their control is dropped. The level of stress the relative is in becomes very high.

Thoughts like:

“If he's at home, I can constantly check what he's doing. Then I can stop it before it goes too far.

"Even if it gets very messy and unpleasant at home in the evenings and nights, it's better than him being out."

“Apart from checking that he doesn't take too many drugs, I have to be on guard and stay at home so that money and valuables don't go missing. "

"If he doesn't stay here, he ends up on the street. He won't be able to eat. He can be robbed and beaten, he can die. His addiction is getting worse."

The relative often plays detective and searches for drugs and/or alcohol bottles. When this is found, a confrontation with the person ensues which leads to arguments and unfortunately to violence in some cases.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the above? We can help you find strategies that reduce stress, enable you to relax better and learn step by step to let go of control and put responsibility where it belongs.

As a relative, you can change your way of acting and reacting and through this create a better situation.  CHANGE is possible both for the relative and the close person who needs treatment.

We work with CBT and a method called CRAFT.

CRAFT: The community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training.

CRAFT is based on: Improving the relative's well-being (emotional, physical and relational)

Improve the relationship between family members

Reduce/eliminate the loved one's addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Engage relatives to start treatment.

Relatives who participated in CRAFT have, according to research, shown less anxiety and depression at the same time that they have received tools to improve communication and support the loved one with alcohol and drug problems to seek help.

You can do the CRAFT training or CBT talks online.

We also have the opportunity to have motivational talks with the person who abuses and an information meeting about our treatment free of charge.

Call: 0046 731 533156


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