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Information for you as a parent or relative

Usually the family or a relative are  involved when a person is going to a Rehabilitation center.


The best way to handle this sitution is to call us and get guidens to the steps for preparing the person in addiction to arrive.


The most important for us as the rehab center is that the person has his own motivation and not forced but sometimes a bit pushed.


Narconon help someone who are addicted to narcotics, alcohol and painkillers or other medications.


We can offer withdrawal service if the person is on low doses and can stop when he arrives. We dont have dropping down program. We are a 100% drug free program.


We have monthly pay price and package price. You will get an Agreement to sign with information about the procedure. The drug counselor will inform you about the cost that covers all treatment, room and board. Pocket money and other needs that is not covered in the Privat Agreement document, you need to pay extra.

Narconon can also give seminaries to relatives to educate and give an understanding of the drug abuse behave. It also gives information on how to react on certain situations.

Föredrag för anhöriga till missbrukare
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