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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

This has been one of the most incrediable and intense times if my life where I discovered much about myself. Doing the detoxification program, communication drills, objective and course which enabled me to find out why I started drinking. And it is amazing how the program works.

Doing the detox program was incredible in it self. A lot of "fog" which was part of my universe disappeared and I began to think straight. And then I wondered what now? Of course doing Communication drills and being able to be here and now, to face the reality and being able to communicate...that's amazing. The objectives drills got me to be in present time in the physical universe and by being here, look at things, persons and being able to do somthing about it. My c ability to confronting life was now a big diffrent.

Studying about harmful actions and my own destructive action - confess them, gave me a big release. By handling diffrent areas of my life I found out why I began drink in the first place. Now I don't have any need to drink anymore. That was a huge win for me. I want to ay thank you to all staff at Narconon - you give a very high level of service.

A special thanks to Emma who have been helping me through sauna, communication drills and objectives and more. Also a special thanks to Thomas who has been a fabulous Case Supervisor and who got me through the last courses when I found out why I started to drink. So, thank you all! ML Jan


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