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What do you need to know before you arrive

When you have decided to give yourself a chace to become drug free. You can get in touch with one of our rehab consultants to make a plan for all arrangements.


We need to have as much information about the person coming to do the program, such as  physical and mental condition.


Is the person well enough to start a drug free program without psychiatric medication, sleeping pills, pain relief medication, maybe he or she need to drop down to be able to stop before coming. We or your doctor can help to prepare for this.

When you come from another country its sometimes good to visit a doctor in your own country and get a health document so we see that the blood pressure is fine or the need for medication and other check ups.

When a person has pain or depression its important we have a medical history, so we know if the alternative help we provide is suitable.

We have a lot of help to provide in our treatment. Help for sleep, calm down, pain treatment etc. We will tell you about this.

You need to know if Visa is needed for Sweden. Three month tourist visa is often used from countries outside Europe.

You need to have the economic funds in control so you can pay the fee when you arrive.



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