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How can a person get out of an addiction?

Why can't a person just stop being addicted?

Why can't the person just pull themselves together?

He promises and promises but just keeps going?

I don't know how many times he has quit but he keeps relapsing all the time?

Many relatives ask themselves this question again and again.

How can a person get out of a drug or alcohol addiction?

It is not easy to break an addiction because there are several things the person struggles with. First we have the physical dependence on the drug or alcohol.

The biggest difficulty to get through is the physical part. Some drugs are downright dangerous to stop suddenly because there are such severe physical withdrawal symptoms.Different drugs work differently, e.g. heroin has very difficult physical withdrawals, while cocaine has more psychological withdrawal symptoms.

During this time, the person may need medical detoxification, but many are able to do a drug-free detox if there is a lot of support and motivation to get through it. We offer a drug-free detox where we support the person all the way through.Even if a person does medical detoxification in a hospital, the person will not feel well when it is finished, and then we support and help the person to feel better.

When the person has come through the Withdrawal phase itself, work begins to change the thought patterns that lead to the person falling back into addiction again. Just because the person has stopped drinking or taking drugs, does not mean the person's thought patterns have changed.

An addict's or addictive personality mindset can be summed up like this:Problem + drug = no problem now → problem later (then it starts all over again)

What is a good treatment?

A good treatment takes care of all the elements of an addiction. The physical and the mental must be handled as well as the way of thinking and behavior that the person has acquired due to the addiction, even the relationships that the person has damaged need to be dealt with.What methods do we use?

Our treatment is based on the Narconon program. Other methods we have that are recommended by the National Board of Health and Welfare are:

MI (motivational talk)

CBT TREATMENTMET (motivational enhancement therapy)

Relapse Prevention

These are methods that we use in the treatment. We also work on introducing daily routines.Our treatment does not use medication as part of the treatment. We work a lot on building a working alliance with our clients, and as those of us who work here have experience of getting out of addiction ourselves, it is easier for us to build a working relationship with understanding.

What does our treatment look like?

Narconon's way of working is based on the fact that, a person who abuses does so because that the person is trying to deal with an inability the person concerned has. It can be an inability to manage thoughts, feelings, different social situations, finances, stress, performance anxiety, manage one's self-confidence and self-image.We work with the person to be able to gradually increase their ability to handle their difficulties.Our treatment increases the person's ability to solve problems through communication and to increase the person's ability to deal with the problems by looking at the problem as it is, without additions or enlarging or reducing the problem.

A large part of being able to stay drug-free is learning to live in the present time. i.e. Not dwelling on how terrible everything has been or worrying about what will happen in the future. Many people that have been addicts have a fear of the future. Therefore we work hard to help them create a good future by finding what the person finds meaningful, and planning how the person gets there.

Dealing with the past is an important part of creating a new future. Situations and problems that were created during the addiction need to be handled so that it does not prevent the person from making a self-inventory of their mistakes and building up their ability to see what is right and wrong and to practice the ability to follow their own integrity. This makes the person more stable. Repairing relationships is important to get back a basic network that a person can then build on to create security and community.

Knowing which people to let into your life is an important part of achieving stable drug freedom. Finding new behavior and thought patterns and changing old behavior and thought patterns is an important part of the entire treatment.

The tools you get in the treatment are tools that need to be practiced so that the person gets better and better at handling them. Therefore, there is a high risk of relapse during the first 2 years of being drug-free. Narconon has a one-year follow-up after treatment and during this time you can come back and get help dealing with difficult situations that may arise, or if the person relapses, the person can come back and do a relapse treatment where you look at what went wrong and make strategies how it won't happen again.

This is a broad overview of the treatment we offer here in Narconon Eslöv.

If you want more information about our treatment, please contact us.

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