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It can be easy to get stuck on tramadol and oxycontin after a work injury or accident

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Some people continue to take painkillers for a long time and develop an addiction.

They do not stop taking the medicine instead they begin to abuse it.

The longer the person takes the medicine the more difficult it gets to stop. With Tramadol and Oxycontin, severe withdrawal symptoms will occur, similar to a heroin withdrawal.

In some cases it goes so far that the person ends up on a substitution treatment with Methadone or Subutex. Then I think it has gone too far.

It starts with an injury with pain and for pain relief you unfortunately use morphine-like preparations for too long and end with Methadone or Subutex.

The above is perhaps a little one-sided way of looking at it.

Morphine and opiates do not only have painkillers but like any other drug it helps the person to resolve a short-term problem. A person with a drug personality is more likely to get caught up in it.

An addict person uses the following equation:


–> PROBLEM LATER then it restarts..

This is not just about managing the pain it can be any discomfort physical or mental.

You can divide compulsive behavior into eight different groups:

The compulsive behavior changes place with the drug in the equation.

These are all a type of addiction / fixation.

Eating Disorder / Dieting: This group includes obsessive overeating, obsessive dieting (anorexia) and a combination of obsessive eating and compulsive slimming or vomiting (bulimia).

Gaming Computer, poker, horses or other type of game.

Work-alcoholic: Obsessive need to be engage with work and achieve results, preferably be best at everything you do.

Exercise hysteria: Obsessive need to stimulate the body with physical effort.

Sex fixation: Obsessive fixation of sex in any form.

Excitement seeking: Obsessive need for intense stress or tension.

Escape: Obsessive need to avoid common everyday routines.

Shop-aholic: Forced need to buy or own things.

With a person with a dependent personality, it is easier to get caught up in an abuse.

The abuse also means that you are constantly breaking your boundaries. This, in turn, causes the person to feel worse.

There is a way to dig yourself out of this addiction. Through the Narconon program, many have been helped out of their addiction, even if the addiction was caused by an injury and medication. Doing a Rehab and getting rid of the addiction creates more quality of life.


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