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What can I do as a relative of an addict?


It is always difficult to give advice and say what is the right way or

the wrong way to do things.

I just want to give some ideas on how it

can be done.

What many relatives do is, they try to discuss or argue with their loved ones when they are on drugs or effected by drugs or when they discover it.

Trying to talk to someone while the person is intoxicated is usually useless and just drain out ones energy. You don't get anywhere with the communication. In addition, it can lead to aggressiveness. The best thing is, to not bring up unnecessary things with a person who is intoxicated.

One can set up certain rules that protect you from the worst effects of the person's alcohol or drug abuse. Example:

To explain that you do not want to hang out or be near the person when he or she is intoxicated. But at the same time explain that you really want to hang out when the person is drug-free.

When the person is then is on drugs, one pulls away from the person and engages in something else,

one could say that one has a time-out from the person when he drinks or takes drugs.

The best thing is to wait for the person until he or she mentions something that affects them negatively because of the drug or alcohol addiction.

When this happens, you should try to keep your tongue right in your mouth so you don't start to say things like

NOW YOU MUST ... ..... NOW YOU HAVE TO.........

What one should ask is:

How do you think the drug-addiction affects you?

What do you want to do to handle this?

What have others done in your situation?

What do you think will happen if you do nothing about your situation?

Make the person look for and find their own solutions. Support the good decisions, offer help.

If the person wants to do something about their situation then you can contact us.

We can help motivate him into treatment.

Narconon also gives lectures for relatives on how to learn to take care of themselves and learn the best way to motivate the related person into treatment.

If you want to come for a lecture or contact us to get help with motivation, you can call us

Tel: 0046 731-533156

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