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Drugs and Alcohol have a tendency to get people stuck in old events and situations.

Much of the abuse is retained due to incorporated patterns and behaviors.

As long as you are active in an addiction it is difficult to break the pattern. All addicts have certain thinking errors that they hold on to which make it difficult to make a change.

All people want to be right in what they do and even if others try to prove that what they do is wrong, the person tries to find explanations and defenses for the behavior. Trying to find excuses as to why the behavior is ok.

There are a huge number of defenses and explanations as to why the person cannot stop with the alcohol or drugs. Helping a person to take the steps to a change can be difficult, if you do not let the person find solutions yourself.

This can be done by asking open questions. Questions you can't say yes or no to.


What do you think would be good to do?

In what way do you want to change… ....?

What would happen if you made a change?

If you ask open questions, the person begins to think for himself. It does not get intrusive like when someone tells you how to do it.

One should avoid statements like.

You have tol .....!

You must …...!

If you don't ... .... then ......!

Avoid threats, it does not work well for the purpose of motivation.

We that work at Narconon have helped many people to a drug-free life since the early 1970s in Sweden.

We give lecture and education to relatives and we help to motivate those close ones who need to get into treatment. We provide support to relatives through an education according to CRAFT.

We have Socionom and social pedagogue working at the treatment home.

Contact us if you have any questions.


0046 413-16477

Mobile: 0046 731-533156



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