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How can I make someone realize that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Consequences of drug abuse don't come as long as people are protected by their relatives.

Relatives usually feel the fear of consequences.

That the addict starves, becomes homeless, loses their job, the children and the family. That he gets debts with the wrong people, overdoses etc

They facilitate the abuse. Relatives solve the problems of their loved ones and try to control things so that things do not go too far.

Caring for someone does not mean protecting someone from consequences. It means being there and helping the person find their own solutions to the problem. Listen to the person and ask questions that make the person think and find their own solutions.

Do not solve the problems for the person but let him find his own solutions. Then he starts to take responsibility for his actions to get drug free or not. In which case he gets the consequences.

This can be done by asking open questions:

What would happen if you ... .......?

How could you handle this… ..?

What other solutions are there?

What have others done in your situation?

With the right guidance from relatives where you get the person to find their own solutions to the problem or consequences, then the person will end up in a position where he sees that a change is necessary. Once you get there and the person starts to see that he or she needs a change it is important that you quickly nourish the motivation the person has got to change his situation.

We at Narconon have helped addicts become drug-free since the early 1970s.

We can help with motivation and information how to handle the addiction. We can help the person to find more motivation to stop the abuse and to take the steps to get into a treatment that will help the person become stronger and more stable in holding on to the decision to be drug free.

Many of us that work here have succeeded to handle drug-abuse themselves and know what it takes to succeed.

Contact us:

Marcus Andree

Narconon Eslöv

mobile: 0046 731-533156



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