The treatment center with the unique rehab program 

Are you stuck in a situation with drugs, alcohol and pills? Or do you have a dear friend or relative who needs help. You have done something valuable by just open this page and take care of the information. This is the firts step. We have many years of experience and love to help.

The center, a beautiful country house, provides treatment and support for those who want to stop using drugs. The rehab program is well lined up. Starting with detox program and step by step raise your abilities to live the life you desire. Call and we guide you all the way +46731533156


During 40 years we have helped drug addicts at our rehab center outside Malmo, south of Sweden, to create a meaningfull drug free life.

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The Narconon program gives you step by step the skills and abilities you need. 

Narconon uses proven rehabilitation technology that gets to the problem at its source—and provides a path for long-term success.

For over 50 years, Narconon has saved those who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Week by week. Year by year. Our success is measured in our ever growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs.

Many who come to Narconon has tried many other rehab programs. Our program is unique. Narconon uses a series of techniques found nowhere else to help addicts overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and their damaging effects. This is done naturally, there are no substitute drugs in the Narconon program.


At Narconon, we look to address the causes of addiction.

The goal is a drug-free life.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


> Licenced for 12 beds for around the clock clients and 6 for open treatment.

> We accept men and women from 18 years old.

> We work together with social services in 200 swedish communities we are also fully licensed and insured.

>Staff team consists of university educated executives and drug consultants and many of the staff have there own experience of using drugs before in life.

>Narconon started 1966 i USA and today there are Narconon centers in many places around the world. Narconon came to Sweden 1971 and Narconon Eslöv started 1982.

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