How an addict handles a problem!

An addict's mindset can be easily explained as follow:

Problem + drug = no problem now .... problem later.

The person has problems that he feels he cannot solve, he takes drugs to solve those problems but in doing so, creates further problems. He may see a new "solution" in the form of prescription drugs. This supposed “cure” becomes a new problem in itself. It has not helped the person to increase his ability to live a life without drugs.

Narconon helps the addict to learn to solve their problems and to be able to see them as they really are. We enable his capacity to solve his difficulties without hurting himself and avoiding life.

The patter of escape behavior is a big part of addiction. To learn to confront the problems and solve them requires training and knowledge. We all have the ability to live life in a good way. But sometimes we "forget" these abilities or loose trust in ourselves,telling ourselves that "it is not possible, I cannot do this, I have lost hope,I will never succeed." Or we push the problems under the carpet with "I'm going to fix this tomorrow".

The Narconon program restores the person´s ability to solve problems. We work one to one with the person step by step to take back control over their life, to stop being the victim and address their problems instead of escaping them. As this process of course takes time, the Narconon rehabilitation and education program is done over 3-4 months.

Here is how one of our students feels after being drug-free for a long time after the Narconon program.

"Hi, I've been thinking a lot about you, here life is just so changed that I'm looking at my past life as a movie, like I've just been watching it at the cinema. I work all the time, I own two stores, and doing sales in several other stores. I own an online store, work with a food blog, train every day, run marathons, do not smoke, do not drink, no snus, no sugar, yes you understand, MY life has just changed into something I never thought I could get.

It's all because I started my journey at Narconon, and A LOT DID CHANGE and now I have many employees who look up to me. Not only those who do not know anything about what I did before. I love this life and I have not thought of anything else for a single day. I will never take more drugs because it is so far away from how I live today, it does not exist in my world.” T.D.

We are a drug-free treatment option that helps people return to a drug-free life.